Billing and Insurance

Please call (800) 827-3458 x4950 to discuss any problems with your bill or to make payment arrangements.  We use AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions to perform our billing function.

We recognize the need for a definite understanding between you and your physician concerning health care and the financial arrangements for this medical care.  Our commitment is to provide unsurpassed quality medical care to our patients .  The responsibility for payment of fees for these services is the direct obligation of the patient.

Our fees reflect the time spent by the physician with you, the specialized-nature of the physician training, and the individual diagnostic studies performed.  Our fees are comparable to other similarly trained specialists in the community.  We will discuss fees with you at any time and encourage you to inquire about a fee prior to receiving the service.  Our office may verify insurance benefits and contact you to discuss our procedure fee.

You will receive monthly statements.  The first statement will show all charges, with subsequent statements showing any insurance payments (it takes 4–6 weeks for most carriers to pay).  You are responsible for any unpaid balance.

Please let us know if you are having any particular financial problem – you will find us understanding and patient.  Extra insurance forms, FMLA, letters to attorneys, etc. will necessitate an extra fee because of the paperwork and time involved.